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Act 1:  Michelangelo (Vegan)

A vegan filo tart filled with Mushroom Mouse , topped with balsamic caviar spheres , charred pickled shimeji mushroom & Edible Gold .


Act 2:  BANKSY

A lavash bread with beef bresaola layered with truffle aioli , micro greens .

Vegan Option: Marinated Kohlrabi, Avocado Mousse, Togarashi Spice, Micro Herbs And Dehydrated Olives

Act 3:  Picasso

Seafood Salad topped with an edible print of "weeping woman"

Vegan Option: Jicama Ceviche And Pickled Jicama, Edible Flowers And Leche De Tigre


Act 4:  Pollock (Vegan)

Goma Tare , Spinach Puree , Beetroot Puree , Capsicum Puree  splashed onto plates inspired by the stokes of Jackson Pollock. Accompanied with a bouquet of greens, micro greens & baby Spinach.

Act 5:  Warhol

A Beef Cheek glazed with Tamarind reduction topped with hazelnut with Pomme Puree

Covered by an Andy's Iconic Tomato Soup edible can.. Accompanied with a PHO drink in a coca cola bottle.

Vegan Option: Salt Baked Beetroot, Truffle Oil Mashed Potato, Grilled Onion And Beetroot Reduction Served With A Vegetable Broth


Act 6:  Dali

Baked potato white chocolate Soufflé topped with a vanilla ice cream seasoned with Malden salt and bitter olive oil.

Vegan Option: Dark Chocolate Souffle Served In A Roasted Potato And Served With Vegan Ice Cream Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Pink Himalayan Salt

Act 7: Van Gogh

White Chocolate Bar With Coloured Spreadable Paint Inspired By Starry Nights Van Gogh

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